Wednesday, February 17, 2010

By the time Mrs. Phillips had changed into her modest one-piece, a ring of children had formed around the pool. Not a single one was in the water.
"My dear students, may I ask why not a one of you has gotten into that pool?"
"Sam saw an alligator under one of the floaties!" lisped little Elizabeth.
"I see. Sam, could I have a word?" she beckoned with a stern finger. "It isn't nice to play tricks. Now look, you've gotten everyone into a frenzy over nothing. This isn't to happen again, do we understand one another?"
Sam stared at his bare feet, chastened.
"Now, I'm going to show you all there is absolutely no alligator in this pool."
Mrs. Phillips strode purposefully to the side of the pool and dived in in a graceful arc.

The next week, Mrs. Phillips' replacement began teaching classes.

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